The Southern Nevada Writing Project is a university-based, non-profit, teacher driven organization mentored by the National Writing Project, a network of over 200 similar sites nationwide. Our work in the greater Las Vegas area has improved literacy education by transforming teachers, students and schools, through quality professional development experiences, ongoing teacher leadership opportunities, youth education programs, and ongoing research.

Starting the fall of 2018, we will offer our Writing Institute as two classes in UNLV’s College of Education. CIL 617: Southern Nevada Writing Project: Invitational Institute (Part One) and CIL 618: Southern Nevada Writing Project: Invitational Institute (Part Two) are two different three credit graduate courses, the offered in the Fall and Spring respectively.

From time to time, we offer one-day or multi-day workshops on various topics surrounding literacy and writing instruction. This information is shared via our website, social media, and newsletter.

Our teacher consultants are also available to deliver professional development to your school site the area of literacy and writing instruction.  The College, Career, and Community Writing Program (C3WP) is one specific program developed by the National Writing Project for secondary grades (7-12) that our teacher consultants are able to deliver.  See specific page about C3WP to see if it is right for your school site.  Use the Contact page to send us an inquiry.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you individually or as a school site through one of our professional development opportunities.