SNWP invites all teachers of writing, no matter the age group or subject you teach, to join us this Spring Semester for the Writing Institute. The Institute is offered through UNLV’s College of Education as CIL-617. This is a three-credit graduate credit course.

If you are already a graduate student at UNLV or non-degree seeking graduate student, all you have to do is register for CIL 617!

If not, you need to complete these three steps:

  1. Apply as a non-degree seeking graduate student at UNLV. 
    • Click here for more information about that process.
    • Click here for the application link. 
  2. Complete the residency application for in-state tuition. 
  3. Register and pay for CIL 617 using MyUNLV portal.

Steps one and two should be completed ASAP, while step three can only be completed once those first steps are completed. It’s okay to complete step three in January.

Please reach out to Dr. Sophie Ladd at or Ben Koch for more information.

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