Youth Camps Flyer 2020Writing Fusion: Writers entering grades 1-6
Our emphasis is on creating life-long writers who feel confident and comfortable in all steps of the writing process. Students of all ability levels will explore different genres and engage in various types of authentic writing activities to challenge them to grow as writers. This year’s camp will focus on the connection between art and writing!

Young Rebel Writers: Writers entering grades 7-8
An exciting writing event just for middle school students grade 7-8.

  • Tell your stories through personal narratives, poems, and fiction.
  • Experiment with various genres and media available to writers.
  • Use writing to spread the word about community issues.
  • Share your voice and perspective with technology and photography.

Rebel Writing: Writers entering grades 9-12
Working with experienced teachers who love writing, students will explore ways to make their writing meaningful, covering many genres from slam poetry to narrative. Walking field trips to local publishers and bookstores, guest speakers, and technology integration all add to the experience by showing how writing can be a powerful medium of expression. This writing camp seeks to challenge students to explore, collaborate, and grow through their work to produce purposeful writing that impacts others.

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